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Some Tips about Household Angle Valve

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In our family decoration, we often need to consider many details of decoration, the installation of corner valve is indispensable, many people do not know what the Angle valve is, the family needs a few corner valves; As a family to decorate need several Angle valve as we need to know that we need from the Angle of the valve and the main function of the location of the installation Angle valve to help everyone family decorates really need a few statistics about Angle valve. Let's take a look at it. You'll know more about the Angle valve when you're finished.


The Angle valve is usually called the triangle valve, the octagonal valve, the water stop valve and so on.


What are the main functions of Angle valves?

1. Start the internal and external outlet.

2. The water pressure can be adjusted on top of the triangle valve.

3. It is the function of the switch. If the tap water is leaking, it may turn off the triangle valve and do not need to close the main valve in the home.

Note: the triangle valve is external silk, the total valve is inner wire, so it cannot be used.


Where are corner valves required?

There are usually 4 positions in the home that require corner valves:

1. Water port on the toilet -- 1 cold.

2. Wash basin on top of water -- 1 cold 1 heat.

3. Water heater: 1 cold 1 heat.

4. Water outlet on the sink -- 1 cold 1 heat. (used on the kitchen sink)