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Gate valve and globe valves are shutoff valves, the most common two valves

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Definition of two valves.

Gate valves are used in a larger system, a closed \ brake fault system, gate is an opening and closing a gate, direction and perpendicular to the direction of flow of the gate valve can only be fully open and close. The cut-off valve, also known as the cut-off valve, belongs to the mandatory sealing valve. When the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the disc to force the sealing surface not to leak. The gate valve and globe valve are used in different situations. The gate valve is divided into many types such as the Ming stem gate valve, the dark lever gate valve, the wedge gate valve, the single valve gate valve, the multi-valve gate valve is the body structure is different, the volume is large.

Globe valve is to be able to intercept and adjust the flow of small area, small size, generally smaller than nominal aperture DN50 use it. Both can be closed and can be adjusted in situations where the flow is not linear. It is only because the valve has a large flow resistance due to its structural characteristics. Therefore, it is more necessary to use gate valve in the place where the throttle is required. In addition, the cut-off valve, whether it is in full or reverse, has a hard time in the process of opening and closing, so it can't be done very well, or it is not easy to open and close. In addition, the cut-off valve has the characteristics of a one-way sealing effect, so it can also be used in the case of preventing the upstream of the work.

Location of the two valves.

1. Different structure

The globe valve structure is the handwheel rotating with the stem to do the opening and closing movement, and the gate valve structure is the rotary handwheel, the stem does the lifting movement. The flow inlet and outflow direction of the fluid from the gate valve is straight, there is no change direction, but inside the stop valve, it flows from the lower part of the valve core and flows out from the upper part of the valve core.

2. Different flow

Gate valves require full open or closed state, globe valves are not required.

The flow direction requires different.

Globe valves have flow direction requirements, and gate valves have no inlet and outlet requirements.

3. Different seals.

The sealing surface of the gate valve is a small trapezoid side, and the valve core is off, which is equivalent to the valve closing. The gate valve is sealed by the side of the valve heart gate and the sealing effect is not as good as the globe valve. The valve heart falls off and it will not be closed as the globe valve.


In summary, the cut-off valve is compared with the gate valve. The advantages are simple structure, good sealing performance and convenient manufacturing and maintenance. The disadvantage is that the liquid resistance is large, opening and closing force is large. Gate and globe valves are fully open and closed valves, which are not suitable for use as a regulator for cutting or connecting the medium.

The application range of globe valves and gate valves is determined according to their characteristics. In the smaller channel, when the requirement is better to shut off the sealing, use the globe valve more; Gate valves are used in steam pipes and large diameter water supply pipes, which are generally smaller due to fluid resistance.