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Discusses The development and selection of brass valve

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  Since the 21st century some domestic famous brass valve manufacturing enterprises break the conventional thinking innovation practice. They have developed a large number of new products, and make the brass valve in the field of engineering application scope has been greatly improved. In particular, all brass valve are the experimental development of hydraulic control series, which not only makes the brass valve products have a qualitative leap in the manufacturing process, but also greatly promotes the overall competitiveness of the brass valve industry.

  Brass valves are suitable for the production of corrugated pipe materials must have good plasticity, high elastic limit, tensile strength and fatigue strength, good welding performance, stable elastic properties. Austenitic stainless steel is widely used to make corrugated tubes because of these properties.

  In the metal bellows brass valve, the metal bellows component provides a movable seal between the stem and the process fluid in the valve body. The corrugated pipe is subjected to the pressure, temperature and corrosion of the media while bearing the compression and stretching of the stem, so as to ensure zero leakage of the brass valve during the life cycle. With the general application of corrugated pipe in the brass valve industry, the technical requirements of the bellows are constantly improved. Metal bellows are used to develop high pressure, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long life.


Selection of brass valves:

1. According to the control function, all kinds of valves have their own functions, and the corresponding functions should be paid attention to when choosing.

2. According to the working condition of choose, commonly used valve parameters including job pressure, maximum allowable working pressure, working temperature (low and high temperature) and medium (corrosive and flammable), when choose, should pay attention to the working condition of the above parameters and technical parameters of the valve.

3. Select according to the installation structure. Piping system installation structure has pipe thread, flange, card sleeve, welding, hoses and so on. The installation structure of the valve must be consistent with the installation structure of the pipe, and the size of the valve shall conform to the specification.