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How to Replace a Ball Valve

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Many pipe systems, including home water systems, use a ball valve to control the flow of cool air, heat, or water. Before purchasing a replacement ball valve, research the types of pipes that your system uses in order to buy the correct replacement ball valve and its accessories, such as pipe section and sealant. The ball valve and the pipes to which they attach must be made from the same material in order to connect them. For example, seal copper pipes and copper ball valves with plumber's tape or sweat pipe joints. Conversely, plumber's cement is the best way to seal PVC pipes and PVC ball valves. Big box stores, hardware shops, home improvement stores, internet retailers, and online marketplaces like CMEC Aqua Valve Machinery sell ball valves.

Shut Off the Water Supply

Before replacing the ball valve, turn off the water supply to the problematic piping. After you shut off the water supply, turn on the faucet closest to the pipes with the broken ball valve. This will relieve the excess water pressure in the pipe so you can repair the system without water leaking into the workspace.

Access the Water Pipes

If the water supply pipe provides water to a sink, the ball valve is attached to the pipes below or just behind the sink. You can access a bathtub faucet or shower pipes from the basement, crawlspace, or by cutting a hole in the wall. You will need additional tools and materials to complete the repair if the project requires cutting a hole in the wall to access the ball valve.

Remove the Broken Ball Valve

Use a hacksaw or equivalent tool to cut the pipe on both sides of the ball valve. Cut near the ball valve, as close or as far away as you want. Keep in mind that the new pipe must be long enough to fill in the missing section.

Install the New Water Pipe

Now, splice the new section of water pipe into place. If the pipes are copper, use a tubing cutter to cut the new section of pipe to the length necessary to complete the water pipe. Use emery cloth to clean all pipe cuts, and apply flux to the ends of the pipe with a small brush. Press a new coupling onto one end of the new pipe section and heat the coupling with a propane torch for a few minutes. Feed solder into the joints between the new pipe section and the couplings until solder fills it completely. Then solder the other end of the pipe to the original water pipe. Finally, splice the second new coupler to the open end of the original water pipe by soldering it, using the same technique you used for the first coupler.

For PVC pipes, use a hacksaw to cut the new section of water pipe to the correct length. Then attach two new couplers to the pipe section with plumber's cement. You must install a new coupler on both sides of the new pipe section because it is impossible to solder the new pipe section to the original pipes. After installing the new pipe section, attach a third PVC coupler to the unfinished side of the original water pipe and secure it with plumber's cement. 

Install the New Ball Valve

Attach the new ball valve to the exposed couplers and secure them. If the pipes are copper, solder sweat joints at both ends of the valve to secure the valve to the couplers. Also, use plumber's tape to secure the new ball valve. For PVC pipes, use plumber's cement to fix the new ball valve to the couplers. After installing the new ball valve, turn on the water supply and check for leaks. If there are no leaks, you have replaced the ball valve successfully.


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