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compression angle valve compression angle valve

Brass Angle valve
Size: 3/8"X1/2", 1/2"X1/2", 3/4"X1/2"

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  • Model: AQUAAV1
  • Brand: AQUA-MIGEN
  • Code: 8481804090
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 Brass Ball Cock Angle Stop Valve

A stop valve connects a building's water pipes to a toilet or faucet's water supply line. An angle stop attaches to pipes that come out of a wall, while a straight stop connects to pipes that penetrate the floor. Both types of stop valves will let a plumber, or homeowner, replace a toilet or faucet without turning off the water to the entire building. An angle stop, often referred to as a shut-off valve, will last many years without any problems. Many homeowners repair simple failures, such as leaks that develop around the stem after long periods of inactivity, without replacing the entire valve.

Body Material Solid Brass (Cu>59%,Pb<1.8%,Fe<0.3%),high Cu,low Pb.
Handle Material Metal
Size  2-1/2''
Surface Treatment Chrome plated
 Plating Ni:8-10um,Cr:0.2-0.3um  

Zinc and Brass angle valve 
1) Chrome plated finish 
2) ISO228 thread 
3) OEM service 
4) Size:1/2" ,3/4",3/8"



1. Nominal pressure:1.0MPa
2. Working temperature:-10~110°C
3. ISO228 thread screw

4. Size:1/2"*3/8" or 1/2" or 3/4"

1. 100% pieces leaking tight test before shipment;

2. Forged brass body, nickel plated;

3. Most produced item, sample always available;

4. 22 years of design & manufacturing experience, 15 years of exporting experience, well-equipped Test & Inpsection laboratory.

In our own CNAS laboratory, we normally do the 
1. life test
2. Dimension
3. Apprearance testing
4. Leakage testing
If you have some specific test we also can do it for you.



1:The production follow the valve standard strictly. Toyota Lean Production line used by AQUA-MIGEN aim to improve the quality.
We test each piece valve during the production, quality control in forge, machine, assemble and all the process in order to guarantee the quality.

2:AQUA-MIGEN  replace automatic machine to most old type of machine so as to make the products best

3:Automatic forging machine
       Constant temperature
      100% Anneal

1/ Rapid response:

Any of your questions will be answered within 24 hours.


2/ Quality Control:

All products must through double checks during every manufacturing process.

      Test reports are available for each delivery.


3/ Guarantee:

Requirement of customers & quality of products will be full guaranteed.

Every defective product during the transportation can be compensated in the next order.


4/ Samples:

Samples are available. The samples shipment charge will be paid by your side