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Brass Ceramic Disc Cartridge Brass Ceramic Disc Cartridge

Brass Cartridge
brass body
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  • Model: CMECSV6
  • Brand: AQUA-MIGEN
  • Code: 8481804090
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Brass Ceramic Disc Cartridge


Size : 1/2”
In our own CNAS laboratory, we normally do the
AQUA MIGEN is located the YuHuan which the hometown of civil ball valve. The AQUA MIGEN is formed by China Machinery Engineering SuZhou Co.,Ltd. The technical engineer 31 person and executive staff 33 person. The major business is produce, Research and Development ball valve. Companies continue to adhere to the pursuit of technological innovation to improve quality as the goal. Continuously improve product technology development, but also committed to the development of lead-free products at home and abroad, the pursuit of human health. Environmental Energy-saving development of the cause. Provide cost-effective valve.

Q1. Can I have a sample order for valve?