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Valve Manufacturers from Jiangsu Province China Shined in America

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In order to implement the "ONE BELT ONE ROAD" development strategy,Valve Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, after the the last successful activities to Europe, Deputy Secretary-General Sheng Guilin as the head of the leadership, re-organized from June 17 this year on wards For a period of eight days to go out to the United States to visit the activities, mainly to participate in the 2017 Valve World Expo held in Houston, the United States .

 Jiangsu Valves in 2017 Valve World Expo.jpg

And the world's Chinese oil industry associations for the Association, visit the US valve production enterprises, and Chinese businessmen, the valve sector, overseas experts, lawyers and other business visit exchange activities, through participation in the exhibition and visit enterprises and networking activities, From the foreign cooperation bridge, learn foreign valve advanced technology and advanced management mode, in order to improve the level of development of Jiangsu valves, and further explore the international market, the establishment of foreign exchange mechanism, the Jiangsu valve industry to better adapt to domestic and foreign valve development of new features, new trends.


CMEC Valve,as a professional manufacturer and supplier of copper ball valves,also has taken this opportunity to develop ourselves.Against the best international and domestic backdrop,we believe our career will have a brighter future.